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Celebrating over 11 years of supporting our schools!

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Raising money within our community to subsidize our schools in response to the needs of all our children.







To secure an enduring model education for all children in Winters.

P.O. Box 1047
Winters, CA 95694

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Welcome to the Winters Education Foundation (WEF)!

Our mission:

To raise sufficient funds to ensure continued
educational excellence and equal educational
opportunities for every child in a Winters public school

What:   The Winters Education Foundation (WEF)

We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization located in Winters, CA. Our
mission is to support excellence in the Winters public schools by
raising the necessary funds for district-wide programs that schools are
no longer able to provide, and to promote equitable opportunities
among all the schools in Winters. WEF raises money within our
community to subsidize our schools in response to the needs of all
our children.

Who:    Concerned people just like YOU!

Are YOU a part of the WEF? We are people just like you! We are
volunteers: parents, grandparents, community members, graduate
students, educators, and administrators -- all working to make it
possible for our school to better meet the educational and cultural
needs of our children.
We want your help and your financial support!

Why:   Should YOU care about the WEF?

State support for public school students in California is among the
lowest in the nation and is based largely on enrollment numbers. Every
year Winters enrolls fewer children in our public schools, which
further cuts the available funds used to educate and enhance our
children's school experience.

Although our nation's economic crisis has worsened the problem, it is
not a short term problem and will not fix itself in time for our children!
Ultimately, WE are responsible for ensuring that our children have
the tools they need to benefit from the instruction they receive. When
and where gaps exist, those of us who care for our children, their
future, our community, and the potential of our country, MUST step

If we unite on behalf of our shared future, we will make the Winters
schools some of the very best - and our children will thank us!

How:   Can YOU help?

·        Make a donation or pledge NOW!

·        Get involved! Attend WEF meetings and speak out!

·        Volunteer your time, your skills, and whatever you can
          afford! WEF wants and needs your help NOW! Sign up for our emails.

·        Ask everyone you know to support the work of WEF!
Inform your friends, family, co-workers, employers,
grocers, medical providers, and mechanics! Our
children's education affects ALL of us and will always be
our best investment!