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2023 WEF Mini Grants -
Over $20,000 Awarded to Winters Schools!

THANK YOU DONORS, your support has a direct impact in our schools.

Because of your generous donations this year WEF distributed over $20000 in mini grants to our schools to support expanded educational offerings in our public schools. And though we were thrilled to offer these grants the need indicated by grant requests was over $40,000! As a board we had some very difficult decisions to make. Please keep WEF in your minds and hearts when making your charitable gifts. And please know that every dollar donated does make a difference.
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Raising money within our community to subsidize our schools in response to the needs of all our children.







To secure an enduring model education for all children in Winters.

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Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful citizens can
change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever does.
                                                                      - Margaret Mead


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YOU can make a difference in the education of the children of
Winters! Whether or not you have children in school, their education is
important to your future.

It is time to get involved and help. Children cannot put their education
on hold until the state recovers financially. Working together, we can
help preserve the quality of our schools and insure our children a high quality public education.



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